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Improve Power Quality for the North of Europe

Power Quality Saving (PQS) delivers, installs and commissions the E-Power Power Optimizer technology in Northern Europe. We are proud to be able to help our clients to improve on energy efficiency with the added benefit of CO2 reduction developing towards a more sustainable world.

PQS will manage your projects openly and transparantly and on every scale. From the installation of a single E-Power to the roll-out of E-Power installations across multiple sites and countries.
For each project we make it a priority to minimize the effort needed by the customer so the disturbance of the daily operations is as low as possible.

In each of the countries where we are active, we have an installation partner to make sure all installations are done efficiently and correctly according to local regulations and requirements.

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Let’s meet! Please contact us to see where you too can improve on energy efficiency, which subsidies are available and how we can help you achieve this.
We can even take you to one of our clients to show the E-Power in operation.

  • Guaranteed and proven saving percentage
  • Clear offer, ROI and ROCE indication
  • No worries, we take care of it
  • Direct technical support
  • Efficiency & Power

    Saving of electricity cost between 3 to 8% per year. Improvement of the power quality.

  • Warranty & Gurantee

    Guaranteed saving percentage. Verified with the Energy Efficiency Report after installation.

  • Return Of Investment

    Before you order we calculate the ROI and ROCE taking into account the expected saving, future electricity costs and operational hours


Our Mission



PQS enables its clients to achieve reliable and permanent energy and CO2 reductions by offering patented technologies.


Our Vision



We at Power Quality Saving facilitate the path towards a sustainable world of today and tomorrow.

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