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How can the E-Power Power Optimizer technology save energy?

The E-Power system generates energy efficiency by the patented filter. The filter uses the principal of noise cancelling headphones.
This improves several electric parameters. Cosinus Phi, power factor and active power are increased, reactive power, THD-I (Total Harmonic Distortion of current) and THD-U (Total Harmonic Distortion of voltage) are decreased.

The result is that E-Power saves energy.

To balance the profit and investment the E-Power systems are available in a wide range of capacities upto 4000 Amps.

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Energy Efficiency Report

Proving the saving is the key component of every energy efficiency system. That is why we developed an advanced and reliable method of proving the saving.

The week after commissioning of the E-Power the loads and behaviour of the E-Power are analysed.
Based on this analysis a programme for testing the saving is planned and communicated with the client. The saving test is performed during one complete week where the E-Power is switched every half an hour from operation to bypass without interrupting the power supply. The measured deltas are analysed with statistical analysis software to determin the validity. With the validated measured deltas the analysis is made and the saving percentage is calculated.

The used measurement data, calculations and results are delivered in the Energy Efficiency Report to the customer.

Filter of E-Power
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