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Energy transition

The energy transition requires a different way of useing and generating our (electric) energy.
Pushed by the climate goals of Paris the energy transition will speed up. This results in an increase of decentralised energy generation and an increase of electric consumers.

More environment friendly systems which use heat-cooling-power techniques, geothermal heat or cold, windmills, solar power and more innovative technics are finding their route to the market. All used for generating heat, cooling and electricity.
The effect of decentralised production and these new consumers is a logistical challenge in the transportation grid, maintaining the quality of the electricity generated and delivered.
Maintaining the Power Quality of the electricity will be on of the greatest challenges during the energy transition.

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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency ensures that less energy is used to achieve the same result. This can be done, for example, through energy-efficient technical solutions or measures that combat energy waste. By improving the quality of electrical energy, current and voltage, consumers can work more efficiently (see also: quality). This results in a reduction in energy consumption.

Energy efficiency contributes to the realisation of the energy and climate objectives of the European Union (Green Deal).

PQS can achieve more energy efficiency the E-Power Power Optimizer technology: delivering the same or more work with less energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is the biggest improvement we can achieve in energy consumption.

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Energy Efficiency

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