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Power quality

Power Quality (PQ) means the ability of a system or an electrical device to operate properly in its environment without being affected by, and without introducing electromagnetic interference.

In other words, with Power Quality we want to create an ideally perfect power supply that is always available, with a pure sine wave, noise-free and always at nominal voltage and current values.

Poor Power Quality has consequences for the electrical installation and electrical equipment. These consequences are not always visible, but they do contribute in higher maintenance cost and downtime.

Consequences of poor Power Quality

    Power outages
    Energy losses
    Inefficient use of the electric installation
    Higher maintenance costs
    Heat development in cables and components
    Increased wear of equipment, reduction of equipment life span

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Electric pollution

Poor power quality can be explained as electric pollution or disturbances of the sine waveform.
This pollution can be divided in several phenomena in the electric network related to poor power quality.

Pollution of the waveform

Micro interruptions
Temporary failures or outages
Presence of disturbing loads
Reactive power
Voltage variations


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